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Visit Hue off the beaten track with Perfume River Emotion

Perfume River Emotion is Hue's first travel service that provide overnight boat on Perfume River. We invite you to visit Hue  unexplored countryside that sprouts all along the banks of Perfume River. With cruising, biking, walking and cooking class, our tours are all about getting off the beaten tracks in Hue and connecting you to the land and the culture.



 The story of Perfume River Emotion


Hue leaves beautiful memory in my childhood year, which has stayed with me for all my life. The biggest image in my mind up to now is not Hue Citadel but the Perfume River, where we used to swim and play in its water. Its cool, light green water refreshes my soul whenever it feels tired. I still missed every weekend walking or cycling on tranquil paths to visit Thuy Bieu village in Hue countryside. It makes the perfect “Garden of Eden” in my imagination.

A lot can happen in 40 years. Modernization and development has transformed most parts of Hue city. The historic old town with stamps of French colonial architecture has also been affected. Some were ruined and some were rebuilt but not exactly to its original charm and glory.



Happily, my “Garden of Eden” has remained intact and now we would love to bring out the hidden beauty of our homeland to you for a real discovery in Hue.


How Perfume River Emotion Cruise makes a difference

For the Environment
- Our products were built with materials sourced from the local area, all are environment-friendly such as wood, bamboo and rattan. We use grown wood only to help protect the forest.
- We and our guests plant a lot of green trees as well as organic vegetables and herbs in our garden, mostly used for the cooking class. As we pay entrance fee and donate, we support local people to preserve the natural surroundings and environment.
- We save rain water in huge jars and refill it for our daily use. We encourage staffs and guests to use water efficiently. We also have a system to process waste water.
- We mitigate our waste and don't use plastic bags. All items in our restaurant can be recycled.
- Although motor-bike “easy-rider” tours are very popular in Hue, we organize only walking and biking tour around the village to help reduce carbon emissions.

For the Community

- Our tour is authentic. It means we bring guests to uncommercialized places such as local houses, market, pagoda and temples. We donate a part of our profit to preserve these sites and Hue cultural heritage in general.
- All our staffs and guides are local people in the village. We teach them English and train them in professional service.
- We offer equal job opportunities for all locals to earn an income from our business. We only hire people with vision disability for our massage team, not ordinary people.
- We also buy fresh produce from local villagers for cooking class ingredients and our meals too. We bring guests to visit traditional handicraft villages, encourage guests to buy local products to help develop them.
- We offer guests a chance to meet, talk and join work with local people. Guests can plant trees, water vegetables or harvest rice, depending on season. They are truly connected with the locals.

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