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Mr. Hai – Director
Mr.Hai is an engineer; he has designed the Perfume River Emotion boats himself. With great love for Hue and travel, he has decided to do something for his homeland. Hai is also a big fan of responsible tourism: building products and services that benefit both the local people and environment. Hai is in charge of overall management of our boat and restaurant services.

Mrs. An Hoa – Vice-Director
Born and grew up in Hue, An Hoa is a typical Hue female: graceful and caring. She has studied and worked in tourism for nearly 20 years. An Hoa is responsible for daily management and staff training. She is also a distinguished consultant of Hue Monument Conservation Centre.

Ms.Thuy Trang – Tour Operator

Trang is a beautiful Hue girl, very friendly and fast-paced. Before joining our team, she was a tour guide. With good English, French and insightful knowledge of Hue, she is responsible for tour operation and customer service, ensuring everything is smooth and every guest is happy.

Crew Team
Having grown up in villages along the river, our crew members are accustomed to the waterfront life. They are excellent swimmers, divers and of course sailors. They also take great care of room service and dining service on board.

Restaurant Team
As a model of responsible tourism, we are an entirely local team, a family-like workplace. As part of the team, all waiters and chefs in our Thuy Bieu restaurant are local villagers. They will bring you a delightful discovery in Hue, serving you Hue best food and guiding you to cook them, so be sure you will be delighted.

Blind Massage Team
Our biggest mission is to unlock the hidden beauty of Hue and bring maximum benefits to local people, especially those with low income and disabilities. As part of “our family”, the blind massage team are here to help you relax and enjoy the journey to the utmost.

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