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Thuy Bieu village


Thuy Bieu village is an ancient village located along the upstream bank of Perfume River. This is the main destination of all tours with Perfume River Emotion, an exclusive destination pioneered by our team. We currently have a riverside restaurant in Thuy Bieu village with a dock where our boats angkor. We are also planning to build a lodge here for guests to truly have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Hue countryside.



Merely 7km from Hue city centre, Thuy Bieu is a hidden gem of untouched nature and culture. Thuy Bieu is home to around 96.700 people and divided into 7 hamlets among which Nguyet Bieu, Luong Quan are the most beautiful. Local people eke out a living mainly out of rice cultivating, gardening and handicraft making.


Despite all ravages of wars and time, Thuy Bieu remains intact as many hundreds of years ago when Nguyen Lords first founded thee land. Its housing architecture is typical of Hue with small cottages hidden in large luxuriant gardens, long gates and fences carved out of ornamental trees.



Thuy Bieu is the cradle of Hue culture. The village is surrounded by a corridor of natural and cultural attractions. To the north, south and west is Perfume River and to the east is a stunning backdrop of low hills, including Vista Hill. The French figuratively put it “Belvedere”, this place allows you to contemplate panoramic view of Hue and Perfume River. Close to Vista Hill is Tu Duc King royal tomb and Hon Chen Palace. A bit closer to Nguyet Bieu are Literature Temple, Martial Temple and Thien Mu Pagoda, the iconic symbol of Hue.



Thuy Bieu is a wonderland of pomelo that possesses a very special taste and fragrance. Locals call it “thanh tra” or “green tea citruit” as its flesh is juicily light green. When spring comes, the village is blooded in pure white blossoms, creating a romantic scene. In July and August, pomelo trees ripe is every where and so its aroma. People are visioning a “Thanh Tra flower festival” will be celebrated in Hue just like the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.


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